Deciding to take the SAT or ACT

Many students come to me and ask which test they should take: the SAT or ACT? Honestly, there is no “perfect” test; it is all up to a students personal preference. My advice would be to take each test (make sure you take ALL sections) and then based on that make your decision. Don’t be excessively swayed by the overall score you get in each test, but more consider in which test you felt more comfortable. The tests are pretty different in the ways they assess ability, so you will soon find out which one aligns closer with your style. If, after taking both tests you discover you have no preference then I would probably suggest taking the ACT. I say this just because there is such an incredible amount of released tests that exist – making practice a lot easier and realistic.

Here are two practice tests you can work on:

SAT Practice Test              SAT Practice Test Answer Key

ACT Practice Test (includes answer key)

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