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Chris F.

5 / 5

AP Micro Score / AP Macro Score

Unfortunately my school AP Economics teacher wasn’t that good and I was really worried about how my AP Micro and Macro exams would turn out. Luckily, my parents knew about my problems and scheduled a number of classes with Richard. Richard really knows his AP Econ! He has an incredible number of previous AP Econ exams, has his own guide he made, and seems to know the material intimately. When the final exam finally arrived, I was super well prepared and didn’t find the actual exam hard at all. Trust me, if you want to grab an excellent score in AP Econ, you have to work with Richard!

Felicia T.


AP Language and Composition Score

AP Language and Composition was a very difficult class for me. I am not the best writer and I don’t really enjoy reading, so I knew the class was going to be a challenge before I even started it. The class was worse than I predicted, and I felt stressed about taking the actual exam in May. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended Richard to me and we started class immediately. Richard covered the three types of AP Lang essays in detail and also had a lot of multiple choice tests for us to practice with. When the actual test arrived in May I was very well prepared and got a 5!

Why Prep with Richard?

Results. Results. Results.

Richard focuses on teaching the AP skills you need to master – nothing more, nothing less! This relentless focus on achievement is complemented by a wide variety of resources and in-depth knowledge of the exam that few other tutors can match.

Personalization = Score Maximization

A standardized approach to standardized tests is a sure path to failure! What you need is personalized guidance from a mentor who will expertly analyze your strengths and weaknesses and provide actionable strategies. Richard has the expertise required to do this and much more.

Teaching experience and excellence

Richard has the experience and skill necessary to supercharge your scores. Having taught many AP students over the years, he has a large prepping “toolkit” that will ensure you’re well prepared for the exam!

All of the above, I believe, makes me an exceptionally qualified partner for students who are chasing that dream score!