Reviews for College Consulting

"With Richard’s kind help and support I was able to gain admission to the University of Pennsylvania"

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Reviews for College Consulting

University of Pennsylvania ’22

I found applying to prestigious universities to be extremely complicated and needed a lot of help. Luckily I had Richard to guide me through the entire application process and support me every step of the way. With Richard’s kind help and support I was able to gain admission to the University of Pennsylvania during the Early Decision round of applications. Thanks so much Richard!

Amherst ’23

As an international student, I felt completely lost when it came to applying to U.S. universities. My school counselor had never worked with any students applying to these colleges and seemed confused why I would even want to leave my native country! Fortunately, I found Richard online and did some tutoring with him for SAT and then transitioned to doing complete College Consulting. Richard is very caring, and he really put in a lot of time to help me with my applications – I feel he went way beyond what he needed to do. The result: I was admitted to two of my three top college choices during Regular Decision. I would easily recommend Richard to any students who need help with admissions.

Columbia ’20

I knew I needed good advice to get into the school of my dreams (Columbia), so when I found Richard I asked him a lot of questions. He seemed to know his stuff, and we did two years of consulting before actually starting to work on my apps. Probably most importantly, I worked with Richard on a project to expand educational opportunities for North Korean children in Seoul. This initiative eventually taught 45 North Korean refugee children and is still continuing to operate today. None of this would have been possible without Richard’s support! I eventually went on to submit my applications under Richard’s guidance and was happy to be accepted to my dream school.

University of Michigan ’21

Getting into a premier engineering school had always been something I wanted to achieve, but I wasn’t sure how to get there. Meeting and working with Richard changed all that. We worked for many months on my applications, particularly on my app to the University of Michigan. I liked how Richard spent many hours getting to know me, and I think the application we finally submitted really represented me in a powerful and positive way. After a few months of nervous waiting, I was accepted at Michigan. I doubt any of this would have been possible without Richard’s careful guidance and sincerity.

Parent Reviews for College Consulting

Parent of Brandeis Junior

My daughter worked with Richard for two years, firstly taking classes with him for ACT and then eventually receiving guidance from him on her college applications. In the time Richard worked her I could feel a positive shift in the way my daughter approached her classes and studies. I think Richard is such an amazing mentor and truly puts children first. I have other friends with children and their college admissions experience was so much more stressful than my family’s experience. A lot of credit for this must go to Richard with his patience, diligence, and supportive attitude.

Parent of Princeton Alum

Hiring Richard was very much a last minute decision for my family. It was September of senior year and we were grossly unprepared for all the requirements, essays, and rules that emerged from each college’s application. We had a meeting with Richard, liked what he had to say, and decided to work with him on my son’s apps. Thank goodness we did! Richard created a solid roadmap for us outlining exactly what needed to be done by when. He then got to work with my son and they met intensely for the next few months. When January rolled round all the apps were done! Best of all, my son was admitted to his dream school!

Parent of Notre Dame Freshman

If you need to work with a knowledgeable college admissions expert, Richard is your man. Our son worked with him the entire time he was in high school on everything from standardized tests to academic contests to the actual applications that were submitted to colleges. I was constantly amazed at what a jack-of-all-trades Richard was and the results he managed to get for my son. If you want someone to look after your children well, please don’t hesitate! 

Parent of Wellesley Senior

I cannot recommend Richard more highly to anyone who needs admissions guidance for their family. As the parent of an international student, I was horrified by the complexity of U.S. college admissions with the various tests and requirements that kids need to complete. Working with Richard minimized a lot of this stress and allowed us to just support our child during the process, rather than be an added source of stress. Work with Richard if you need fast, accurate guidance.