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Struggling with SAT Reading? Join the Warton online SAT Program and you could see reading score gains of up to 90 points!

Supercharge Your Reading Score

Work with a Harvard University educated Tutor and gain access to the exclusive tools he developed – you’ll be completely ready to succeed in the SAT.

1:1 Online Tutoring
1:1 Online Tutoring
Get personalized, strategic guidance on exactly how to approach the reading section so you’ll always practice – and finally test – in a way that boosts your score.
Online Learning ToolsOnline Learning Tools
Online Learning Tools
Refine your solving technique through access to exclusive online reading improvement tools. Don’t waste any time and get the results you need through the right kind of practice!
Exceptional Materials
Exceptional Materials
Receive a comprehensive collection of materials from study guides, vocabulary books, and tests that take all the confusion out of preparing for the SAT.


Course Highlights

Score increases of up to 90 points for students completing the program.
A foolproof strategy for solving the SAT reading section.
300 curated passages and 1000s of targeted practice questions.
Use a method that is well regarded for its practicality and realism - this method was made for beating actual SATs! Use a method that is well regarded for its practicality and realism - this method was made for beating actual SATs!
All the tools necessary to help you rapidly supersize your reading score.
This method works for all SAT Reading exams and gives you a solid method to grow your score. This method works for all SAT Reading exams and gives you a solid method to grow your score.
A comprehensive method to help you understand, improve, and excel in SAT reading!

Student Reviews

Steven R.


SAT Composite Score

I worked with Richard on improving my SAT score for about two months. I found him an excellent teacher who motivated me and gave me the advice I needed! At the time I was a bit depressed about my preparation for the exam. I’d tried a few other teachers and studying on my own but nothing was working. Richard provided me with a clear road-map to solving questions (particularly in reading) that made me more confident in my ability to solve questions. After solving a lot of tests and reviewing my mistakes with Richard, I felt my confidence grow. Thanks again Richard!

Sarah K.

Sarah K.


SAT Reading Score

I could never seem to figure out the SAT Reading. Richard was a revelation for me! Where before the reading section felt confusing and random, I now had an idea of what was going on and correct way to solve the questions. My mind craves logic and consistency and so Richard’s method of solving questions fitted nicely with my learning style. Richard also pointed out that I had some gaps in my vocabulary and so he gave me this awesome little vocab book. Overall I really recommend Richard to any students who need good, focused advice!

David L.


SAT Composite Score

Richard really goes well beyond what is required of him as a teacher. I particularly liked the very structured way he taught all of the classes. Although there is a lot of homework to finish, you can really feel yourself improving when you get your homework scores! When I was studying alone, I felt kind of isolated and that I was facing this massive task alone. With Richard I never felt like that. I felt like he was always there making sure I was giving my best and prepping in the most efficient way possible. Most of my success is due to Richard’s kind patience.

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