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Student Reviews

Steven P.


ACT Composite Score

Richard was extremely helpful in my ACT preparation. I met with him about twice a week over Skype. His practice work and tips were very straightforward and easy to understand. Working with Richard on practice tests made it very easy to pinpoint my weaknesses and determine what I needed to continue to working on. I noticed a considerable improvement in my reading comprehension, grammar, and writing skills. I was able to finish preparing for the ACT in a much shorter time period and found that I felt much more ready compared to other test prep sources including online classes and other academies that I took for months. Richard’s classes made test prep fun and helped me complete my ACT with ease. I found his teaching methods to be very productive and helpful.

Sarah L.

35 / 790

ACT Score / SAT Literature Score

Richard is one of the finest, down-to-earth and most devoted teachers that I’ve ever worked with. I’ve never had a teacher who is as personable as Richard and has my best interests at heart. I always enjoyed his classes, and I always left them feeling like I’ve just talked with a friend or someone who is more than just a teacher. Although, unlike most friends, I actually learn from him! I never felt bored during his classes as his enthusiasm and vigor for teaching is contagious, and it’s evident that he is truly invested in my growth as a student. What truly distinguishes Richard from any other teacher I’ve worked with is that he makes the extra effort to help me and make sure I’m getting the most out of him being my teacher.

Claire S.


ACT Composite Score

After taking classes with Richard for a little over two months, I found that his lessons were very effective in that most of the studying was done outside of the lessons. Unlike my experiences in prep schools, I studied using the materials provided by Richard and only went over the important concepts or questions I had about that material during the one-hour lessons. This made the classes time-efficient while still being effective and important. I also found Richard to be a very supportive and easy-going teacher who was easy to approach. He did his best to make sure I thoroughly understood concepts I was confused about and was well-versed in the subjects he taught. I enjoyed learning from him and would recommend his class to other students since it would be a great educational experience.

Why Prep with Richard?

Results. Results. Results.

Richard focuses on teaching the ACT skills you need to master – nothing more, nothing less! This relentless focus on achievement is complemented by a wide variety of resources and in-depth knowledge of the exam that few other tutors can match.

Personalization = Score Maximization

A standardized approach to standardized tests is a sure path to failure! What you need is personalized guidance from a mentor who will expertly analyze your strengths and weaknesses and provide actionable strategies. Richard has the expertise required to do this and much more.

Teaching experience and excellence

Richard has the experience and skill necessary to supercharge your scores. Having taught many ACT students over the years, he has a large prepping “toolkit” that will ensure you’re well prepared for the exam!

Parent Reviews

Parent of Emory University student

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Richard worked well with David (my son) and got him the ACT score he wanted. With that score he was able to apply to apply to his dream school and eventually get accepted. Very satisfied!

Parent of Lawrenceville School senior

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

I was nervous about hiring a teacher because I believed ACT scores couldn’t really change much. Nonetheless, my son begged me to give tutoring a try after one of his friends had worked with Richard. I was skeptical at first, but this skepticism soon evaporated when I saw my son’s final ACT score!

All of the above, I believe, makes me an exceptionally qualified partner for students who are chasing that dream score!