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When you’re applying to some of the world’s most competitive universities, you need a plan. Whether you’re chasing excellent test scores (SAT, ACT, or even AP) or looking to grow your academic and extracurricular profile to be more appealing to colleges, I’ll supercharge your preparations!

I provide the kind of personalized advice and prep that other admissions organizations can only dream of. With a track record of success, a background geared towards admissions excellence, and a passion for helping students achieve, I know I’ll be able to offer you unmatched services.

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Sarah L.
Sarah L - Brandeis, 2021
Richard is one of the finest, down-to-earth and most devoted teachers that I’ve ever worked with. I’ve never had a teacher who is as personable as Richard and has my best interests at heart. I always enjoyed his classes, and I always left them feeling like I’ve just talked with a friend or someone who is more than just a teacher.
Carla B - U Penn, 2022
I found applying to prestigious universities to be extremely complicated and needed a lot of help. Luckily I had Richard to guide me through the entire application process and support me every step of the way. With Richard’s kind help and support I was able to gain admission to the University of Pennsylvania during Early Decision!
Steven R - Duke, 2022
I worked with Richard on improving my SAT for about two months. I found him an excellent teacher who motivated me well and gave me the advice I needed! At the time I was a bit depressed about my preparation for the exam. I had tried a few other teachers and studying on my own but nothing was working.
Jamie P - Amherst, 2023
As an international student, I felt lost when it came to applying to U.S. universities. Fortunately, I found Richard online and did some tutoring with him for SAT and then transitioned to College Consulting. Richard is very caring and put in a lot of time to help me with my applications – I feel he went way beyond what he needed to do.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

First of all – a warm welcome to Warton Education!

I’m a Harvard University graduate who has been involved in tutoring and college consulting for about eighteen years now. In that time, I’ve taught and mentored hundreds of students who’ve matriculated to prestigious universities around the world. Warton Education represents the culmination of all this experience and is an organization that is dedicated to help students achieve their dreams.

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